Herewith, an extract from a letter of thanks from Mr J Ball Chief Excecutive of the RMCTF to our Chairman Maj. Paddy Dunn RM


Donation to the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund (RMCTF)

On behalf of the Commandant General, the Chairman and Trustees, I write to express our deepest thanks to you and the members of the RMA Concert Band, for your further kind donation to the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund (RMCTF), of £3,000, which you recently passed personally to our Fundraising manager Lt Col Rich KenworthyRM.

We are very much aware that a huge amount of our fundraising is undertaken by RMA branches, members, and the RMA Concert Band.

We are very encouraged by stories of fundraising where we see that despite the current financial climate, RMA manages effectively to draw on the support of the general public for the Corps, and I am certain that it has been your leadership as Chairman which has driven such fundraising.

This is particularly true of the Concert Band, which seems – happily – to be unstoppable in its efforts. The recent performance at the Annual Reunion was again a taste of the quality and consistency of this outstanding group of musicians, of which you are justly proud.

Your further generous donation will enable us to fund new projects, particularly to ensure the support of serving Royal Marines who have suffered life-changing injuries or life – limiting illnesses, along with veterans suffering the mental and physical scars of conflict.

Please accept our thanks and good wishes to you and all the Band members.

Mr J Ball

Chief Executive

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