Christmas Concert Dec 2012 at The Berry Hedge End

Buglers Holiday Jon Rog  AlanOur very first Christmas Concert for 2012 went down exceptionally well at the magnificent Berry Theatre Hedge End Southampton on Sunday 2nd Dec 2012. Yet another packed audience enjoyed a great mix of Christmas Selections and seized the opportunity to augment the 50 musicians on stage by taking part in some excellent carol singing at various stages throughout the concert.

PaulCokerPaul Coker (pictured here) excelled again with his Trombone rendition of “What a Wonderful World” as did Eric Payne (featured on left of picture below) with a haunting performance on Alto Sax of Rodrigo’s “Aranjeuz” .Eric Payne

Everyone enjoys the sound of a well played trumpet now and then. Enter three members from our top trumpet desk Messrs. Jon Yates, Alan Flood & Roger Hammond (see below) who provided just that in triplicate with a fast paced, stunning performance of Leroy Anderson’s “Buglers Holiday”. The boys rightly received the applause they deserved!

One of the highlights of other music played was the opening to the concert “Past Three O’Clock” by Barker and the intriguing “March from the Jazz Suite No 2” by Shostakovtch.

Later in the programme our own Colin Campbell’s neat traditional jazz arrangement of High Society featured, which was written to show off the virtuosity of both Paul Coker’s trombone and brilliance of our leading clarinet player Malcolm Kennard’s dexterity!

Without doubt (in the writer’s opinion) Eric Ball’s dramatic and descriptive tone poem “The Kingdom Triumphant” climaxed the afternoon’s show with our own Director of Music Dave Cole’s arrangement for Military Band.

If you have not heard the piece before, try going on YouTube to hear it. It’s a truly powerful score that soars over that magnificent old hymn, O Come O Come Emmanuel, before returning to the big brass fanfare motif which introduced the piece at the start. It culminates with the vision of the second advent and continues through to a glorious finale finish ! A stunning piece leaving hairs standing on the back of the neck ! (..and that’s just the musicians playing it!)

Next week we return to the Electric Palace Bridport and this time we shall be augmented by a section of Her Majesty’s RM Corps of Drums from Portsmouth’s Royal Band to add a touch of additional panache to the event.

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