There are significant costs associated with establishing a world class wind band and because this Band is not eligible for funding from Ministry of Defense sources. These costs include essential equipment such as uniforms, music stands and banners, a comprehensive music library, percussion instruments etc.

The Band has already raised over £100,000 towards these costs for which we are indebted to the public's great generosity. However, the annual costs involved with maintaining the Band are increasing, and if it is to remain at the top of its profession and fulfil its commitments, donations are becoming an absolute key requirement.

Therefore, we would be grateful if you will consider making a donation to our Royal Marines Association Concert Band Fund using this easy-to-use payment system, (or you may sendcheques made payable to the "RMA Band Fund." to RMA Concert Band, Building 32, Whale Island, Portsmouth, PO2 8ER.)

Your support will be immensely appreciated because it will help to guarantee the Band's future with all that it entails through its commitment to the whole Royal Marines family and the wider British public. Benefits to donors include receipt of the Band's regular newsletters plus advance details of forthcoming concerts and latest CD releases.

Thank you.

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