Jan & Flo’ at Gloucester Cathedral


JanFlo with spreadWe are truly blessed to have two lovely lady stalwarts in our midst. The ladies in question include the main protagonist, Jan Blandford and her equally able and willing assistant Flo’ Flood. Both could be called “long suffering band wives”, yet with a smile on their faces, they are always ready to assist and are always prepared to go the extra mile to please us all. Jan & Flo

So we felt that they were worthy of a good mention again, after they had catered for us so very well during our 3 day recent recording of a new CD.

On Sat 11th May at Gloucester Cathedral they donned their “pinnies” once again to produce an even larger / enormous finger buffet tea. Not only the band, but for the two large Military Wives Choirs who performed with us that evening. After an intense afternoon rehearsal for us all, it proved to be more than welcome that is certainl! – A fantastic effort by these lovely ladies and we cannot thank them enough. Notwithstanding, Jan had even succeeded in providing all of this for “free” by using monies collected from the regular band raffles that she runs at our rehearsals !! A “canny” lady too!

Thank you once again to both lovely Ladies!

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