Jim and Mary Holland appreciation letter

RMM02Following our recent annual May Concert at the Royal Marines Museum, attending were two special visitors (both retired teachers Jim and Mary Holland from Canada) who had seen this web site and set about making enquiries via our own Bass Player Andy Wood to come along, as it coincided with their holiday here in England.

Jim is also a superb artist and he brought along two stunning paintings of his depicting the Orca Whale which he gave as a thank you to both our Dir of Music Dave Cole and Andy for arranging. A fine gesture by Jim and much appreciated by both for certain.

Here’s his letter:-

Dear Andy,

We are now back home with fond memories of our trip to England. The highlight of the entertainment that we enjoyed was the concert.

Our disappointment was that you were off with the Oompa group that night. In your stead some of the band members made Mary and me feel very welcome. Nobody can call you folks “over the hill”.

If you are unfamiliar with Orcas and their behaviours just Google things like – Orca, Killer Whales, Spy hopping. As far as the art technique, pointillism is a series of acrylic dots to produce an image and perhaps show the insane side of the artist.

Thank you again for arranging the tickets and I hope you enjoy the art limited print.

Yours truly

Jim Holland

Jim & Mary Holland

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