New CD Recording!

Recording March 2013The band had one of their busiest and most intense weekends starting last Fri 1st Mar. 4pm – 9 pm Sat 8.30 – 5.30 & Sun 9 – 5 pm with not a single audience member to witness the event!

Recording 2 March 2013

The reason for this was that we were laying down and recording some very exciting music for our forthcoming new CD ! – On sale (we hope) by the latter part of Spring this year!

Our thanks go to our recording master Ken Peers (A fine and experienced recording specialist with a superb pedigree!) Ken was responsible for recording not only most of our earlier CD’s via Clovelly Studios Dover, but has many more notable recordings for some of our current serving RM Bands to his credit too! Needless to say Ken was also a fine former RM Bandsman himself!

Recording 3 March 2013

More than capably assisting Ken (middle of pic) in the studio here with equal musicality input for this CD, was none other than our own excellent Flute, Clarinet & Sax player Dave Clackett (seen here on the left with our Dir of Music Dave Cole behind).

Recording March 2013

Immediately below we see Dave pictured in deep concentration playing flute!

Dave C on Flute

Our appreciation is immeasurable for Dave’s keen ears were not only extremely important, when the band played through selected pieces, but his expertise also served to take weight off Dave Cole our Director of Music which Mr Clackett carried out with total professionalism!

Recording 4 March 2013

I have to say, that there were times when the band were forced to let out a collective groan/sigh, when they thought they’d played a particular section of music perfectly, only for Dave to report back, that although the performance was excellent, someone had managed to kick a stand or in Dave Cole’s case (at one point) hitting the stand with his watch when he got carried away with some of his more flamboyant conducting!!!! Recording 5 March 2013

No extraneous noises could be eliminated from these recording tracks, which meant having to play whole sections or even the whole piece again! – A tad wearing and very arduous at times, but in truth we all knew that it would prove to be extremely worthwhile eventually! Now we can look forward to the release of a CD that promises to be the band’s very best to date!

Recording March 2013

Many thanks to our Chairman Paddy Dunn & Horn Player Keith Tellick our two photographers for these pic’s.

Details of CD tracks selected will follow soon!

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