… Always A Marine


1. Click here to hear a clip of a Fanfare for the First Sea Lord – Cole
2. Click here to hear a clip of Hands Across the Sea – Sousa
3. Porgy and Bess – Gershwin arr Barnes
4. Army and Marine – Zehle
5. Bell A'Peal – Brien (Featuring the band's trumpet section)
6. Eastney Dunn
7. Harry James Medley Nestico (Solo trumpet: Jon Yates MSM LRAM)
8. Gallop for Band Woodfield
9. Tribute to Stephen Foster – Nestico
10. Blue Band – Woodfield
11. Alfie Bacharach arr Woodfield (Solo tombone: Paul Coker)
12. Library of Congress March – Sousa
13. Roller Coaster Cowell (Trumpets: Jon Yates, Kevin Jones & Roger Hammond)
14. The Globe and Laurel – Dunn
15. Curtain Up – Woodfield
16. The Galloping Major – Bastow arr Jacob
17. Pavane pour une Enfante Defunte – Ravel arr Brubaker
18. Clarinet Cascade – Brien (Clarinets: Malcolm Kennard, Michael Rice, Linda Tellick, Fiona Stones & Gerry Salway)
19. Entry of the Gladiators – Fucik

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Following the hugely successful first CD, “Once a Marine…,” the band has returned to the studio to record a further album of traditional all time favourites. Classics new and old and some really stunning, foot-tapping music, not to be missed! A brilliant entertaining album for everyone to enjoy. The title of course completes the most famous Royal Marines adage, “Once a Marine, Always a Marine!

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