Resplendent Glory


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This is  Musical Director Dave Cole’s first CD with this band, and we think you will agree that it rates as one of our very best to date. Dave is a stickler for musical detail and he has ensured that our listeners will receive the best value we can provide in both the production and content of some wonderful track choices.

Particular thanks goes to American composer Rossano Galante whom we contacted to agree the CD title track in his honour. You will note that we have included two of his wonderful scores on this albumn – the other being an overture entitled “The Redwoods.” – We think that we have done both pieces justice, and that has recently been confirmed by Rossano himself!. – Enjoy!

Our thanks to the production team Ken Peers, (Recording Technician) ably assisted (with a very keen ear!) by our own flute, clarinet, and saxophone player Dave Clackett for their valuble input.

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cd-by-post, download-full-album, 01-the-liberators, 02-morning-noon-and-night, 03-prelude-from-te-deum, 04-nibelungen-march, 05-resplendent-glory, 06-the-admirals-regiment, 07-prelude-from-49th-parallel, 08-cavalry-of-the-steppes, 09-the-redwoods, 10-barnums-and-baileys-favourite, 11-linden-lea, 12-kingdom-triumphant, CD By Post, Download Full Album, 01.The Liberators, 02.Morning, Noon and Night, 03.Prelude from Te Deum, 04.Nibelungen March, 05.Resplendent Glory, 06.The Admirals Regiment, 07.Prelude from 49th Parallel, 08.Cavalry of the Steppes, 09.The Redwoods, 10.Barnums and Bailey's Favourite, 11.Linden Lea, 12.Kingdom Triumphant