RMA Concert Band - Sunday 14th May 2017

The most recent concert at the Berry Theatre, Hedge End by the Royal Marines Association Concert Band showed the poise and control of this very fine group of musicians. In his debut concert with the band, Major Jason Burcham (RM), who is currently interim Director of Music pending a new appointment, selected Lux Aurumque by Whitacre. This transcription for band of the choral masterpiece, Light and Gold based upon a poem by Edward Esch showcases tight harmonies which almost literally “shimmer and glow”. Later too the band maintained similar composure in the beautiful evening hymn, Canterbury Chorale.

There was also plentiful opportunity to present some new feature pieces. These included the famous Delibes Flower Duet, this time played delicately on two clarinets by Dave Bromley and Linda Tellick, and a Vivaldi Double Trumpet Concerto performed by Jon Yates and Tim Mulkern. The latter captured well the spirit and dynamic contrast so reminiscent of baroque music.

Yet for the audience-goer who would name a “good march” among their concert favourites this too was on offer throughout. Starting with the concert march Leviathan by Gordon Langford as well as several tributes to the wrens, The W.R.N.S. march by Jonathan Yates himself and Women of the Waves by Mac McDermott there were plentiful opportunities to tap your foot or clap along.

Though surprisingly not quite a sell-out audience on this occasion, this was a concert that many will have been disappointed to miss!

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