RMA Concert Band – Sunday 21st February 2016

RMA Concert Band - Sunday 21st February 2016The welcome given to the RMA Concert Band on their return to the Assembly Hall Worthing by an audience of over 900 could leave the fine musicians in no doubt that they are held in much esteem!

Appearing in concert with their guests, the Military Wives’ Choir, Portsmouth on Sunday 21st February 2016, the band presented a programme on a truly large scale. An impressive opening with an arrangement based on the soundtrack from the film ET; further ambitious and powerful classics followed such as the overture Zampa and the cleverly skittish but remarkable A Spin Through Moscow.

Soloists from within the band, Tim Mulkern on trumpet and later in the second half Ian Kingshott on trombone added real style to the programme; Ian featuring in a Matt McDermott arrangement The Best of Broadway and Tim playing an expressive rendition of Nessun Dorma.

As the band struck up their finale, beginning with A Bridge Too Far and Kamen’s highly emotive Band of Brothers theme, the approval of the audience was without question. A standing ovation and encore followed the combined band and choir rendition of the Britannic Salute…

The band returns again to Worthing in a spectacular one-off concert with the magic and mastery of James Morrison on Sunday 26th June 2016!

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