RMA Concert Band - Sunday 21st May 2017

Returning to Portsmouth Guildhall in concert with the Milton Glee Club (MGC) Choir, the band had opportunity to accompany a wide range of pop, stage and screen hits such as several Gary Barlow numbers and selections from Sister Act and Flash Dance. Further highlights also included the varied selection of violin pieces by internationally renowned soloist Lizz Lipscombe and, of course, several feature band pieces.

The fast-paced opening of Alfred Reed’s A Festive Overture contrasted with the beautiful lyrical middle section of this piece. In more traditional style, however, the band also performed Gordon Langford’s classic Fantasy on British Sea Songs and later the ever-popular Beatles – Echoes of an Era selection.

This time featuring several numbers by a small Dixie Band which included Major Jason Burcham on keys, the versatility offered by the Royal Marines Association Concert Band throughout is clearly one of the principal reasons why they ever-continue to be a firm favourite with this long-standing choir.

MGC Choir and RMA Concert Band return again to Portsmouth Guildhall together on Sunday 8th October and Sunday 10th December.

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