The Berry Theatre Concert Sun March 17th 2013

Band at RMM NEW Nov 2012The band returned to the Berry Theatre Hedge End on Sunday March 17th for their 2nd concert of the year.

Coincidentally only the previous weekend (that included the Friday evening) we worked solidly to record over 16 tracks to a forthcoming brand new CD in this same theatre! (See the article in the News Media section for details and pictures). With it’s modern equipment and acoustics here it lends itself to a superb recording studio too.- All being well, we hope to have the CD released by June!
Back to the concert. Once again it was exceptionally well received, which is always heartwarming for us all. Seeing those smiles on so many faces on completion of our shows gives us all the satisfaction to know that our efforts, and all of those rehearsals have been worthwhile! Indeed, with so many glowing comments to our sales desk after the concert as the audience filed out, confirmed that we’d completed a job well done !

Our DoM Dave Cole carefully selected an eclectic mix of music to suit this audience admirably. In fact many of the pieces heard will also feature on our next CD, so “Watch this Space” as they say!

The concert opened with “all the fun of the circus” in a rousing March entitled “Barnum & Bailey’s Favourite” by King.

Then came one of Franz Suppe’s more famous overture’s “Morning, Noon & Night.” a part of which featured the virtuosity and excellent playing by our leading clarinet player Malcolm Kennard – seen here nearest camera.Mal Mike Rodders

The first solo piece of the afternoon was provided by Jon Yates on “D” Trumpet with Charpentier’s “Prelude from the Te Deum” Others may recognise this as the signature tune to the Eurovison Song Contest!! – Naturally Jon’s impeccable performance sought to bring the house down. Well done again Jon (seen here!) Jon Yates

A very topical musical selection was our next item on the programme from the show (and now film of course), “Les Miserables.” The film version is currently packing out cinemas worldwide and our enthusiastic audience were soon showing their appreciation of this wonderful score featuring Jon Yates Trumpet version of “I dreamed a dream” and Robert Scarrett’s haunting French Horn solo “On my Own.” (Robert is top left of picture)Horns and Flutes

It then became the turn of our lead Alto Sax player Eric Payne to once again give the theatre a treat with his beautiful rendition of Rodrigo’s “Aranjeuz.” (Eric is seen here nearest the camera)DSC 6858

It’s a joy to have so many good musicians within this band. So much so, that from every section it’s a simple task to call upon one of them to feature at any time and our grateful thanks always goes to all of these talented personnel.

Talking about talented musicians! Our very next piece was written by one. Entitled “The Redwoods” this was written by a former leading trumpet player in John Williams famous film score orchestra – Rossano Galante. Rossano has since gone on to write a number of excellent scores as well as this beautifully written melodic theme describing the stunning tall trees of California that gave the title it’s name.

The march “Cavalry of the Steppes” took us to the interval where many people sought the opportunity to purchase some of our excellent CD’s!

Wagner’s march “Nibelungen” heralded the 2nd half before yet another solo contribution took centre stage. This time it was the turn of John Hill from our Trombone section to produce a wonderful version of that song – made famous by Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong and written by Theile & Weiss “What a Wonderful World.” Once again, the audience were not slow to show their appreciation!

It didn’t stop there for soloists either! Next up, three from our trumpet section stepped up to play one of Leroy Anderson’s most famous numbers “Buglers Holiday” at a rapid rate! Well done lads! Here they are seen below performing the number. L/R Roger Hammond, Alan Flood & Jon Yates. You won the admiration of all who sat in awe!!

Buglers Holiday Jon Rog Alan

Yet another feature of Rossano Galante’s genius writing featured once again, this time with his heroic composition “Resplendent Glory” A dramatic piece with soaring brass & woodwinds featuring well throughout. (Hairs on the back your neck stuff!!)

Another film score followed with “Prelude from the 49th Parallel” by Vaughan Williams which is such a beautifully scribed melodic piece that it leaves you wanting to hear more. Unfortunately it is only part of a film score and a very short piece that ends all too suddenly some might say. A stunning piece none the less.

To follow, the band then played something very English. Known as a Dorset Melody, this was yet another Vaughan Williams composition entitled “Linden Lea”. Specially arranged for wind band by our DoM Dave Cole. Once again it’s a lovely old tune that soon becomes recognisable after the very first few bars!

Then in complete contrast, to precede our Finale, the military band version of Rimsky Korsakov’s “Procession of the Nobles” from his opera “Mlada” always seems to convey something very special and dramatic with such a cleverly scored arrangement. An enjoyable piece to play and very enjoyable for the audience to take in too!

The concert then concluded with Ancliffe’s March “The Liberators” followed by former RM WO1 McDermott’s exquisite arrangement of the hymn “Eternal Father” – written to incorporate the traditional Sunset which no one can fail to enjoy!

“Rule Britannia” ensures that everyone gets that patriotic feeling of course and former RM Dir’ of Music Ray Woodfield’s superb arrangement of the piece certainly produced the desired effect!

To top off, both the Royal Navy & Royal Marines March pasts will generally guarantee to send our patrons home with a smile on their face, and this did just that to end yet another enjoyable concert for both band & audience alike.

Finally, a very special thank you to all who contributed to the collection for the RM Charitable Trust Fund buckets on leaving the theatre. It’s always very heartwarming to see the generosity of our audiences who contribute to such a very worthy cause on the completion of all of our concerts. You can be sure that your money will be helping to assist many a serving Royal Marine who has done his bit, in places such as Afghanistan, for both Queen & country. Thank you all once again.

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