The Passing Of Major Paddy Dunn MBE RM

paddy dunnIt is with deep and profound sadness that I have to report to you the passing of Major Paddy Dunn MBE RM. Paddy passed away on 20th June but I am sure you will agree that he will never really be gone as he will live on in our hearts and thoughts. Stalwart of the RMA, Chair of Trustees for many years and founder of the RMA Concert Band. A kind, generous and lovely man who will be mourned and missed by so many. 

Our thoughts, love and prayers are with Annie and family right now and I am sure you would wish me to pass on your own thoughts of condolence and comfort to the family. 

Yours in Sorrow

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1 thought on “The Passing Of Major Paddy Dunn MBE RM”

  1. Annie, Dear long -ago good and lovely friend Annie
    Through the grapevine, I’ve just heard (Dec 22) that Paddy has died. It was Sasch who told me, and I was shocked, so out-of-the-blue to hear this; more tho, saddened – for You, Alasdair and Jamie….
    I do think of you so very much, wondering how you (and the ‘boys’) are, where you are and – how I would so like to be in touch, contact with you…… Maybe Paddy’s early death could be the agent to bring this about….?
    Whatever, I wish you well dear Annie, as you begin to fully acknowledge that your Paddy is now no more within your life and love. Dode xx.

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