The RMA Concert Band at Hedge End Sunday 15th February

hedgeend-newsOther popular arrangements also featured such as a selection from Les Miserables and the big band classic Sounds Like Sinatra complete with soloists and a small trad. band. However, it is quite clear that as well as traditional favourites audiences can expect something new from Tony’s ambitious and varied programmes. This time a beautiful and lyrical flute solo, Home Away from Home, sensitively presented by Lisa Lyster; and the addition of Ardross Castle from Hymn of the Highlands by Philip Sparke. The excerpt featured popular Scottish strains in both an evocative, then breathtaking style.

As a fitting finale the audience were treated to a ceremonial and patriotic flag-waving finish, which commenced with Finlandia. This 150th Anniversary Tribute piece to mark the birth of Sibelius was, as quoted by one audience member, “even more effective than any orchestral performance of this work…it’s as if he meant to write it for this band!”

The band next performs at the Octagon Theatre in Yeovil on Sunday 1st March

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