Tour of Malta, 25th May – 1st June

Our visit to Zurrieq, the home of the Queen Victoria Band Club, was memorable for several reasons. Of particular note was the amazing bandstand that had been erected for us to play on; and secondly that it was rather a chilly and windy evening, an unusual occurrence as far as we were concerned since up to then the weather had been marvellous every day, especially during each evening for our concerts.

Another striking thing about Zurrieq is the absolutely stunning club house which is the home of the Queen Victoria Band Club, one of two band clubs in that town. We were shown round just before our concert and were frankly astonished by the sheer beauty of the building, in particular the way that it had been elaborated furnished over many years with chandeliers, paintings, tapestries, marble and carefully designed soft furnishings. And we were under the impression that our home in the Royal Marines Museum is arguably the world’s finest band room: we stand corrected!

All in all our visit to Zurrieq was another memorable evening for us which was rounded off with a short reception on the club’s roof and excellent hospitality by the band club members!

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