Worthing Concert Sun. Feb 24th 2013

RMACB at Worthing 2012The band kicked off their forthcoming busy 2013 programme to a packed Assembly Hall in Worthing last Sunday 24th Feb. They were joined by a small contingent from the magnificent RM Corps of Drums (“Royal Band” Portsmouth) pictured below in front of the band. These guys consistently guarantee to thrill audiences wherever they perform with their co-ordination, dexterity and superb precision drumming.


RMACB at Worthing 2012

Without doubt, this was our best audience over the 5 years we have played at this venue and we know from the many favourable comments – both during the interval and at the end of the concert that they will ALL be back next February for more of the same!!

Credit to our Director of Music Capt Dave Cole MVO MMus ARCM RM for his choice of music for the programme which contained just about everything a concert goer would not fail to enjoy!

It opened with Karl King’s famous circus entrance march “Barnum & Bailey’s Favourite” which also heralded the entrance of the RM Corps of Drums. This was followed by Kenneth J Alford’s (a former RM Dir of Music) slow march “By Land and Sea”, before the Corp’s of Drums took centre stage for Drum Beatings capably led by Corporal Bugler Alaine Shakespeare. – On completion, the band went straight into another of Kenneth J Alford’s many other marches “Vimy Ridge” to which the Corps of Drums exited through the theatre to a lengthy applause!

Next up was Principal Trumpet (Jon Yates) executing perfectly on the high pitched D trumpet, a piece (commonly recognised nowadays as the signature tune to the Eurovision Song Contest!) – It’s real title is “Prelude from the Te Deum” written by Marc Antoine Charpentier in the early 17th century. This certainly proved to be a very popular choice!

The band followed this with an Impression piece entitled “The Redwoods”. A wonderfully melodic score written by American composer Rossano Galantes after being inspired by the beautiful trees that feature in Southern California!

Rossano was also a fine trumpet player who earned a degree in performance from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1992. He then went on to study film scoring with the famous composer Jerry Goldsmith. Galante’s film compositions have since included Big Fat Liar, Scary Movie 2, The Tuxedo, & Tuesday’s With Morrie.

Leroy Anderson’s “Buglers Holiday” never fails to get feet tapping and this was executed to perfection once again by our 3 leading trumpeters Jon Yates, Alan Flood and Roger Hammond to a great applause!

For those that like a waltz, we provided the most famous of all with “Nights of Gladness” by Ancliffe. This put a smile on one or two’s faces – no doubt as they reminisced over their younger days!

The most famous musical and now recent film “Les Miserables” just had to be included into the programme, given its renewed popularity and I’m sure the band did not disappoint with this performance! – Although I have to say, I prefer Ann Hathaway’s version of “I Dreamed a Dream” to Jon Yate’s trumpet version – no matter how beautifully he played it!! (Sorry Jon!)

Marche Militaire Francaise by Saint-Saens took us into the interval and the second half opened with the march “Zeebrugge” by former Dir of Music RM Pete Sumner. This was followed by the famous overture “Morning, Noon and Night” by Franz Suppe featuring our lead clarinetist Malcolm Kennard who showed off his brilliant technique in one of the most famous and demanding of clarinet solos.

Our next soloist, (Eric Payne – Alto Saxophone) then took to the stage to perfectly perform the haunting, yet beautiful piece by Rodrigo “Aranjuez” – deservedly receiving a tremendous ovation!

The band then played out yet another beautiful melody “Prelude from the 49th Paralell” by Vaughan Williams, before the mood dramatically changed when the band went into traditional jazz mode to perform a special arrangement of “High Society” written by our Baritone Sax player Colin Campbell, which once again featured the versatility of Malcolm Kennard’s clarinet.

“Respendent Glory” is a glorious overture. (Sorry!) Another Rossano Galante score, that produces a sound to not only uplift the audience, but it seems to have the same effect on the band when performing it!

The Finale was very special too and of course had to include the Corps of Drums once more to add in some drama and spectacle to the occasion! Marching in to “Aces High” by Ron Goodwin, they joined the band on stage before the tempo was brought down with the beautiful arrangement of “Eternal Father” by former WO1 Mc Dermot that incorporated the iconic “Sunset” to feature the excellent bugles of the Corps of Drums.

Yet another former RM Dir of Music featured in the concert with Ray Woodfield’s stirring arrangement of “Rule Brittannia” before the programme finished with the RN March Past “Heart of Oak”, The RM Commando’s March “Sarie Marais”, the RM Slow March “Preoprajensky” completing with the RM’s own “Life on the Ocean Wave.” All rewarded with tumultuous applause and heart warming for all of us to hear!

To show their appreciation of all the efforts that our Royal Marines are doing in Afghanistan and to assist the injured & their repatriation back here, we had our usual after show bucket collection and we are so grateful to the people of Worthing who popped in a whopping £546.40! Thank you all so very much on behalf of everyone concerned. Be sure your money will be well spent.

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