About the Band

A brief history 

We are often asked questions about the Royal Marines Association Concert Band. For example, when did it start and how? Who are the members? If you'd like to know the story, read on...
Various attempts had been made over the past three or four decades to form a band comprising former Royal Marines musicians, but other than the Royal Marines ‘All Stars’ which forms for one annual concert only, somewhat surprisingly, nothing permanent developed. 

However, in May 2004 Major Paddy Dunn RM, the then Royal Marines Association Chairman (and son of one of the Royal Marines Band Service's most famous Principal Directors of Music, Lt Col Sir F Vivian Dunn KCVO OBE FRSA RM) took the decisive step.

Paddy called the Royal Marines Association President, Brigadier Simon Hill and announced: “We’re going to form a band!” Somewhat taken aback, but catching Paddy’s enthusiasm, Brigadier Hill replied: “Fine, so let’s get on with it then!”

The support of the senior retired Principal Director of Music, Lt Col Paul Neville OBE MVO FRAM RM, was then sought which he kindly gave wholeheartedly. The plan was then put to the Commandant General Royal Marines for endorsement and with the Principal Director of Music Royal Marines, Lt Col Chris Davis OBE BA(Hons) MMUS DMA LRAM RM, in November 2005. Brigadier Hill then defined the vision for the Band and Capt. Ted Whealing MVO BA ARAM ARCM LTCL RM was appointed its first Director of Music. The rest, as they say, is history.
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